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Our Story

Safe Arms is a research-based organisation we have existed since 2007 under a bigger umbrella but registered as safe Arms in 2016. We work in partnership with statutory organisations, the media and care professionals. We are committed to ending domestic violence in the UK



We provide refuge and accommodation support for female victims of domestic abuse 

We train community and Church leaders on the issues of domestic violence.

We create awareness of domestic awareness


We offer safe houses and accommodation for women and children fleeing from domestic abuse. We offer a drop-in centre for advice and information, We organise conferences, seminars and use the media to campaign against domestic violence. We run in-person and virtual training for community and Church leaders.


Our Team




Liz Kingsley is the founder and operating director of Safe Arms; an organisation that fights domestic violence and empowers the Victims. This organisation was a result of her research work with Middlesex University. This made her the first researcher and consultant in domestic violence in the Black Christian community. She’s the first African woman to lead the Church in an open campaign against domestic violence in Nigeria. She works with the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation in running training programs for Faith and Secular leaders on domestic violence in Nigeria.

In the UK, she works with the Crown Prosecution Service and Oxleas NHS in campaigning against domestic violence in faith communities in different boroughs in UK. Voluntarily for 6 years, she worked with Oxleas NHS in providing therapeutic sessions to victims of domestic violence and women with mental health issues. She has authored two books on domestic violence:

Becoming A Cornerstone (The journey from Rejection and Pain into the Reception of Grace and Power)

A Resource on Domestic Violence for Church Leaders and Counsellor



Programme Advisor

We are recruiting a new Programme Advisor.



Professional Counsellor

Ayo Alabi is a professional counsellor who works with our clients in need of professional counselling at Safe Arms



Lead Ambassador

Bola Olugbenga is a Magistrate in the UK and the Founder of Interhealth Link Ltd. She's the Lead Ambassador at Safe Arms.




We work with a range of Partners including Oxleas NHS, Local Foodbanks, Housing Association and Consultants in delivering our Objectives.



    Christian Communities






    Corporate     Organisations

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