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                                      Domestic Abuse Local Referral

Below is a list of therapeutic support recovery agencies clients can access in Medway and Kent:

  • Medway DA service (MDAS) tel:Helpline-08009179948 this service offers a range of specialist support including support and recovery programmes for all victims including children and young people

  • Clarion tel:  Medway-08002800518/08002800366 access to recovery group freedom/phoenix programme which may offer the kind of help and support he/she is looking for (therapeutic intervention for survivors of domestic abuse which is usually group focused but sometimes available individually though health visitors or DA workers)

  • Medway Active Recovery Service for people with drug and alcohol problems (there are strong links with DA) tel:03001231560

  • Victim support: tel:08081689111 there is also a live chat facility via their website DA is recognised as a crime where there is violence or coercive control

  • Sexual Assault Referral Centre: Free support and practical help to anyone who has experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence. Their contact is 01622726461

  • Oasis provides refuge and safe accommodation, group programmes, counselling, mentoring and training for professionals. Their contact is01843 269400 

  • Domestic Abuse Victim Empowerment (DAVE) supports male victims of domestic abuse across Kent and Medway. They provide confidential advice, impartial support and advocacy for male victims who are or have recently experienced domestic abuse whether they are children or not regardless of sexuality. Their helpline is 01233680160

  • IAPT for psychological therapies particularly for PTSD/depression and anxiety as a presentation due to trauma (it should be clear the support is required for the mental health presentation and recovery from trauma)

  • Secondary Mental Health Services for Trauma presentation where needs are complex and unresponsive to first line treatments and/or there is high risk is identified to the individual or others

  • Health visitor where there are children under 5

  • Freedom or phoenix programme are the best evidence based interventions to support with recovery and usually take the form of groups - either MDAS or Clarion can help with this


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